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Everything You Need To Know About Exfoliation

Exfoliation explained.


The Beauty Encyclopedia is coming.


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I’m Isabel, but you can call me Bel (lucky you, huh?). I’m the makerer of this blog. I love to write, read, face mask and make up words (none have stuck yet, but I’m like Gretchen with ‘fetch’ – it will happen).

So, what is 5-TO-TRY? It’s things you should try, 5 at a time. Mainly beauty and books, but with a few other surprises thrown in too. My hope is that you’ll find something you love, then DM me and tell me how much you love it. (I also hope you’ll laugh, but mainly I hope you find something you love – if you could do both though, that’d be great.)

If you have any requests, please send them to me. I love mail. (Except bills – I hate bills and no Destiny’s Child song can convince me otherwise.)


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