what is 5-to-try?

It’s a website! A blog! A wonder of the internet.

5-to-try features curated lists of beauty, books and blogs, 5 at a time, to help busy women cut through all the crap on the internet. (I’m also a big fan of alliteration.) It will – hopefully – deliver helpful reviews and recommendations, tips and tricks, hacks and how-to’s. I won’t recommend anything I haven’t tried, read or used. It’s also Australian – purely, truly Aussie blue. Meaning I won’t recommend winter skin tips when it’s 38 degrees and your hair has reached new peaks of humidity-caused frizziness.

I hope you find something you love on this website. If not, I hope you at least smile once. Alternatively, you could get a lot of enjoyment out of making fun of me. Anything that sparks happiness or joy is fine by me y’all (very Marie Kondo of me). 

If you have any recommendations of your own, try something from one of my lists or have a 5-to-try request, please holla at me. It’s great making friends over the internet as you can be wearing a face mask in your daggiest undies with dirty hair and all they see is your profile pic, where you are literally the human form of the 100 emoji. 

Who makes it?

Me! I do! 

Me = Isabel Sandercock-Brown. Mouthful, I know. I also know my surname contains a naughty word – ideal for school yard teasing. 

My background? I worked for madison magazine till its devastating closure in 2013. I know they say you shouldn’t have regrets, but if you didn’t read madison, that should be your one life regret. After madison, I skipped off to Europe (not literally, I got there via airplane – my legs are not that strong). I traveled for couple months, lived in London and then traveled for a couple more months. I came back to Sydney, and started working in the digital space. However, I dearly miss writing and testing every beauty product under the sun, so here I am. (I also wanted an excuse as to why my boyfriend has to do the dishes, as “I need to read – it’s for my blog!”.) (Every night.)

Anyway, enough about me. How are you? (If you would actually like to tell me, I’m all for cyber-rants ‒ hence the blog ‒ so please, write to me here.)


Just because! Isn't that the most annoying answer ever? That's not why, BTW. 

It’s because I love to write, I love giving book and beauty recommendations, I read a lot, and I’m a serial killer… jks, I’m a serial list taker. Plus, when I worked at madison I wrote the Beauty Editor’s weekly ‘beauty 5-to-try’ for the website and it was so grand. I combined all those things into one thing: this blog (called 5-to-try, in case you hadn't noticed).

5-to-try aims to have that empowering-and-supportive-drunk-girls-in-the-bathroom vibe. It’s a community, and it’s about finding products and books that make you feel like the 10 you are - if it doesn’t, then BLOCK ME ASAP!

I hope you don’t though, I hope you enjoy! (And maybe laugh, or at least smile.)

Want to chat?

Then please do! If you want to chat to me specifically, click the big button below.

One more thing

I realised I had four headings and couldn’t deal, so I added ‘One More Thing’ to get us to 5. That might sound a bit OCD, but you know what they say! Consistency is key. Also, an apple a day keeps the doctor away but I don’t think that’s scientifically verified.