5 Ways To Set Yourself Up For Successful 2018

As 2018 starts, everyone prepares their New Year's resolutions ‒ “I won’t drink alcohol!” “I’ll lose 5 kilos!” “I’ll become a gym junkie, even though I hate the gym!” etc., etc. While they do that, you can do something crazy and set goals that are not only achievable, but help you create the life you really want. If that involves the gym, that's great! But if it doesn't, that's great too!

Here are 5 ways to set yourself up for success this year:

1. Take a small - and practical - step in the right direction

Write down your ideal day. For me that includes coffee, yoga, a dip in the ocean, reading and writing, dinner with my boyfriend and an early bedtime. Once you’ve got yours, work out what elements you can inject into your current daily routine. I implemented a morning routine that allows me to do most of those things.

2. Use a goals diary

I have two diaries. One for my life, my to-do lists, my calendar, my notes etc., and a ‘goals diary’. For my 'goals diary', I use migoals and it’s fantastic. It helps you visualise and map out what you want to achieve, and each week has a habits and goals tracker. It helped me stay focused last year, and I've just finished the planning section in my 2018 goals diary, ready for the New Year. Tip: by writing down your goals, you increase your likelihood of achieving them by 42%. (I know this because my migoals diary told me.)  

3. Do an '18 for 2018'

I love this idea. I pinched it from Gretchen Rubin who wrote The Happiness Project. You write down 18 things you want to do in 2018. They are actions that help you work towards your goals, but actual tasks you can tick off and consider 'done'. For instance, rather than writing ‘get fit’ - which is ambiguous and hard to know when it's complete - you write ‘go to an F45 class with a friend’ or 'try a vegetable smoothie'. You'll remain motivated for longer if you feel like you're - please excuse my French - getting sh*t done.

4. Tell someone your goal

Identify a goal you want to achieve this year, and tell someone. Doesn't matter who - your partner, a friend, your mum, your yoga teacher, anyone. Your likeliness to achieve a goal increases by 78% if you tell someone (another stat from migoals). I told my mum my goal for the year - even though it’s embarrassing - but I know she'll check in and keep me accountable.

5. Set an intention instead

Stolen straight from the yoga classroom. Rather than a goal, set an intention for the year. It can be an action, feeling or state of mind you’re trying to achieve this year, such as ‘focus’, ‘gratitude’ or ‘courage’. Put the word somewhere you’ll see it daily to remind yourself (e.g. the background on your phone). My intention for the year is ‘discipline’.

Whatever your goals or intentions, remember to be kind to yourself. And to, as often as possible, laugh so hard you wee your pants. Happy New Year!