Round-up: 5 Best Instagram Accounts to Follow

Instagram. There is no other cyber-place like it. It can make you laugh, it can make you depressed, or it can be so relatable you feel like it just knows you. The best Instagram accounts have feeds full of inspiration, ideas and honesty. So rather than stalking than your ex-boyfriend’s sister’s boyfriend’s cousin, follow some creative and inspiring Instagram accounts.

These are 5 of the best Instagram accounts to follow:


1. Jasmine Dowling

This Brisbane creative has the feed you dream of having. Light, bright and stylish. (Plus I love the pink theme running through.) She’s a firm believer in intellectual property, having fought three copyright cases by 25. All power to a gal who fights for what she believes in!




2. Tara

Tara Milk Tea is the queen of flatlay. Her brightly coloured feed, full of beautiful places and exquisite food flatlays will have you screenshotting like mad. She also seems so genuine and kind that you can’t help cyber-vibing on her.




3. Janni Deler

Put the jealousy of how amazing life would be if you were this genetically-blessed Swedish travel blogger aside, and enjoy Janni’s amazing adventures and on-point outfits. She’s an OG and you’ll soon fall in love with her. (I personally would love to hire her to pack my suitcase.)




4. Lisa Hamilton

A stylish Aussie blogger, who is authentic and upfront. She won’t peddle you crap she doesn’t believe in, just to make a few bucks. She has a lot of love for her community, always responds to comments and - best of all - promotes positive body image.




5. Salty Wings

Because, ‘Straya. These beautiful beaches will have you dreaming of places you didn't know existed. You’ve most likely seen their pics in other people’s feeds, because Salty Wings Instagram is where you go for your #needaholiday post.