5 Ideas For Spending Valentine’s Day With Your True Soulmates


Valentine’s Day is this Thursday. (It also happens to be my first official day as a Freelancer AND my half birthday – talk about timing!) I’ve never been big on spending Valentine’s Day with boyfriends/partners, however I am all about the Galentine’s Day. Let’s be honest, they’re your true soulmates (Charlotte York was really on to something there). They’re the ones who loved you through the bad bangs, every “look” you tried from ‘emo’ to ‘hip hop’, when you wore ugg boots as shoes and thought the Prime Minister was the Pie Minister. The ones who brought you ice cream (or Vodka) when you got dumped, remind you of who you really are when you start to loose sight, and who treat your wins like they’re own. They know all the bad bits, but love you anyway.

So scrap the traditional partner-based Valentine’s Day and show your friends a little love instead. Plus, if you’re anything like me, your partner couldn’t possibly care less about getting anything for Valentine’s Day – but my girlfriends, my soulmates, would love it.



1. Send YOUR GIRLFRIENDS Valentine’s Day cards

I'm betting all your friends would love to receive a handwritten Valentine’s Day card. Handwritten notes are so special, particularly when it's unexpected and not from your Nanna.

Receiving something in the mail – that isn't a bill – is so uncommon these days that it’s become a treat.


 2. But if you’re too lazy/busy for that, send an e-card

But you’re a hustler, you’re busy – I get it. And who the heck has stamps these days? Not to mention you can get animated e-cards! Sending a Valentine's Day’s e-card to your girlfriends will be just as sweet and thoughtful as the hard copy (maybe even more so if you opt for a stellar e-card).


3. ORDER Little Flowers (Sydney only, sorry)

Little Flowers is a Sydney-based company and it is a BIG, fat, genius idea.

Each day, Little Flowers pick in-season flowers to create little bunches that they deliver anywhere within the Sydney metro area (for the exact locations they deliver to, check out their website). It’s only $30 for the flowers and delivery, or you can upgrade to a $60 bunch. 

You simply fill out the form online, pay and they'll deliver your flowers on the designated day. Voila!

If you’re not in Sydney, you could see if there is somewhere you can get a small, reasonably-priced bunch of flowers. It's actually impossible not to feel special when someone sends you flowers.


 4. Organise a dinner (OR COCKTAILS) with your girlfriends


Particularly if you're single or you’ve got single girlfriends, organising a gal-pals date is ideal. Going out on Valentine’s Day with your friends is a blast – in fact, I’ve never actually gone out with a boyfriend, only with my friends. Plus, you’ll have way more fun than Cindy and Derrick on the table next to you who are likely talking about the weather and Derrick’s new gym shorts.


5. If all else fails, send a text

If you completely forget or run out of time, send a text to your girlfriends telling them how fabulous they are and how much you love them. Here, I’ll write it for you to make your life easier:

To my gal pal,

Happy V’Day! (Valentine, not vagina.) Here’s a poem for you:

Roses are red, violets are blue.
This is a message to say I love you.

I mean it, you know – you’re freakin’ fab,
nothing you do is ever drab.

People in your life will come and go,
but this here’s forever, because I said so.

Know that you always have a friend in me,
we’re soulmates forever – that you will see.

insert your name *

Everyone likes to feel loved and valued – so go on, send a Valentine message. It'll make her day.

Edited post from 4 February 2018.