5 Beauty Lessons from Olivia Palermo


I’m obsessed with Olivia Palermo. (Some would call me a fan, some a stalker ‒ potato / potato, I say.) OP is one of my style and beauty icons, along with Audrey Hepburn. (I call her OP because it makes me feel like we’re friends ‒ which we’re not, but you gotta shoot for the stars. Pun intended.) I love her ownership of her bold style and look. She isn’t fake, nor does she cover up who she is. She’s found her uniqueness and her natural beauty ‒ and just uses makeup to enhance it.

So, here are 5 beauty lessons we can take from OP:

1. Messy hair, do care


Olivia Palermo ALWAYS has her hair done. Whether it's in some intricate style, swept back into a simple bun or pony, she makes sure it’s presentable and chic. Even going to the gym, her hair looks chic - but I don't think we need to go that far. So no matter what, in the morning, take 5 minutes to do your hair. (If you need some quick and simple styles, read this.)

2. Less is more


Minimalism is a movement right now, and if you apply it to nothing else in your life, apply it to your makeup. In today’s culture where everything is excessive, minimal makeup can make you stand out. You often see OP with very minimal makeup ‒ foundation, blush, mascara and a lip. Even when she’s more done up for shows or events, she doesn’t over-do it or look unnatural. She focuses on having an even and glowing complexion, and accentuating her cheekbones, eyes and lips. That leads me to…

3. Play to your strengths


We all have a feature that we either like or get complimented on ‒ our eyes, brows, cheekbones or lips. OP has great hair and big, beautiful eyes, so that’s what she focuses on. She often wears makeup that accentuates her eyes, making them the focus. Play to your strengths people! Learn what accentuates the natural beauty you have.

4. Bold lips sink ships


Or is it loose lips? Either way, bold lips are show-stoppers. OP loves a bold lip. She often sports a red, pink or deep coloured lip. She’s even tried blue, which takes me to the last lesson for the day…

5. Experiment!


OP has had a number of hair colours, styles and lengths. She tries different lip tones and shades, and experiments with her beauty looks. Now, I don’t think anyone save OP, Rihanna and Beyonce could pull off blue lipstick - but there's lots of other things you could try and have fun with. New nail or lip colour, a fringe, highlights, or an eyeshadow. But if you do try something new, maybe stick to trying one element at a time, and keep the rest simple. Too many experiments at once can blow up the lab.