5 Hair Hacks You Should Try


My life is one giant bad hair day. I take selfies on my rare good hair days so I can relish the memory. (Weird? Yes. Everyone does it? Also yes.) But to make matters worse, a disaster has occurred – my ghd died. (She wasn’t in pain. She went peacefully during the night, although sadly, she’s isn’t in a better place.)

But long story short: I am now sans curling and straightening mechanism. (I’m also sans dollars as I save for an Italian getaway in September.)

SO it’s hair hack central over here. I'm you're regular, run-of-the-mill hacker but better, because my hacks help people rather than steal bank account details. I've rounded up my top 5 hair hacks for you to try:




1. L’Oreal Magic Retouch

L’Oreal Magic Retouch is a hack in itself. You’ll already know this trickery if you saw my Instagram Live on Saturday (all 35 of you). If you are one of those special people who watched, I love you. Also please feel free to jump to the next step.

But if not (so majority of you), prepared to be mind-blown. This stuff has reinvigorated my belief in magic. Once you've styled your hair, you simply spray L'Oreal Magic Retouch on to your greys.  Voila! That's it. No grey. It will just wash out the next time you wash your hair. See? Magic!


2. How to create natural-looking wavy hair (without a curler)

I’ve been trying the OUAI wave spray which, combined with living without a ghd, inspired me to find my new natural-looking waves.*

*Natural in the sense that I don’t use a curler, but I do use trickery and a blow dryer.

How to create natural waves:

  1. Wash hair – remember to shampoo twice!

  2. Blow dry (or if you have time, let it naturally dry). It doesn’t have to be perfect, just get it dry.

  3. Spray OUAI wave spray or whatever your desired styling product. I recommend something that provides texture. I’m very generous in the amount of wave spray I use. Make sure you get underneath and that pesky bit in the middle.

  4. Twirl your hair and pin in place with bobby pins or clip. I like to split mine into two ‒ that 90’s Spice Girl look. But I don't twist it too tight (unless you want more of crimped wave look).

  5. Wait 20-40 mins then release. You may need longer or less, depending on your hair thickness and how tight you want your waves. Once I un-twist, I rake my fingers through and shake it out.


3. If you have no volume, flip your hair to the other side

One of the quickest ways to gain volume is to part your hair a different way. Next time your hair is feeling flat, flip your hair to the opposite side. Or if you a middle parter, try a side part. I recommended you hair spray the part so it stays and isn’t tempted to return to its natural state.


4. The double pony

This is a trick I picked up on Pinterest, but I believe the original source is makeup.com

You seperate your hair into 'half up, half down'. When I do it, I ensure I have a little extra in the top half and that I include extra hair from around my ear. You create two ponytails. Tie up the top half of hair, then the bottom half. The hair from the top ponytail falls over the bottom, looking as though you have one beautifully-long ponytail.

It honest-to-goodness works. To prove it, I took these terrible bathroom selfies. (They’re “authentic” – that’s blogger code for crap. But you can see what I’m on about.)


5. Make your hair stay, put your bobby pins in the right way

There is a very high chance you’re putting your bobby pins in the the wrong way. Bobby pins should go wavy side down. It provides a much tighter grip to firmly hold the hair in place. (It’s also actually less likely to dig into your head.)

Mind blown? I know, I was too.