5 Ways To Be Productive AF This Week

Umm, so it's March this week! [Insert gasp here.] That means summer is over, it's the last month of Q1 and it's probably time to stop saying "oh, it's January - we have time." (Because it's not and you don't.) 

You need to make sure you're in control of your week, achieving your goals and not being swept up in the commotion. Unless you're goal is to be swept up in the commotion, then in that case - be swept!

But if not, here are 5 ways to make sure you're productive - and on task - this week:


1. Plan out when you’re going to exercise

Exercise is one of the first things to get sidelined when you're busy. And I get it - after a 10-hour day, the gym doesn’t look so appealing. Getting up at 6am for yoga, when you worked back late, doesn’t feel worth it. BUT IT IS! Dang it, it is! Exercise will not only keep you healthy and feeling good, but will help keep you focused. Exercise actually helps you gain energy, and it is hands-down the best remedy for stress. So plan it out at the start of the week - and stick to it.


2. Look at the weather, and plan your outfits accordingly

I mention the weather because it is pouring in Sydney today and I had planned on wearing a white shirt. (I should mention my workplace isn't into wet t-shirt comps.) Check the weather for the week, then plan your outfits. Planning your outfits takes the stress out of your morning and instead allows you to focus on what you need to get done - the less decision of a morning, the more productive you are. 


3. Set 3 goals for the week (and reminders to stay focused on them!)

We've all had those super busy weeks, we’re running around, jumping from task to task - but when Friday hits, we realise we didn't accomplish anything. Often it's because we've ended up doing everybody else to do list, rather than our own. Make sure that doesn't happen. Set 3 goals for the week. After that, set daily reminders in your dairy / phone / calendar to make sure you're on task and getting the right sh*t done.

Don't get to Friday and realise you’ve helped everyone else achieve their goals, but haven't achieved your own. (Because really, who’s goals are more important? Carol’s, Bob’s or yours?)


4. Then write a To Do list, followed by a MUST Do list

Write a list of all the things you need to do, using your above goals and the million-and-one other things. But then, reduce it to a MUST do list. A Must Do list is the things you have to do that day. They cannot wait. Not the things it would be nice to get done ‒ I repeat, just the tasks you must do. If you complete your Must Do list, then you can move on. But do your must-do's first, and you're going to be getting the work that matters done. Plus you'll likely realise everything else can wait, and find some time for point 5.


5. Decide when you’re going to take a break

This is the most important one. Make sure you don’t fill up your diary with work, projects, dinners and forget to make time for numero uno ‒ you. Have a wine, read a book, binge on Netflix, eat spring rolls standing in your kitchen listening to Shania Twain - just whatever it is you do girl. Make sure there is time for it.