Beauty Lessons From Queer Eye's Jonathan Van Ness


If you’ve been within three feet of me lately, you’ll know I’m obsessed with Queer Eye. (Actually obsessed. I think about it, I tell everyone about it, I quote it. OBSESSED.)

But seriously, isn’t it wonderful to watch a show that’s inspiring? A show that’s about connecting, community, acceptance, love and putting aside differences? Plus, it has killer beauty and style tips. (What more could you want from reality TV?)

So, like the rest of Australia, I’m in awe of Jonathan Van Ness’ hair – and I think I’ve found his secret. But as I started to make note,  I realised he gives so much damn good beauty advice that I had to do a 5-to-try from the Kween himself.

Here are 5 beauty lessons from Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness. (If you haven't watched the show, none my jokes make sense. Please promptly binge watch the first season then return to this spot.)



Beauty Lesson #1: How To Have Killer Hair

Let’s start with the hair.

While shopping for shampoo during an episode, Jonathan says “we want sulfate free”. Sulfate free? I thought. What’s that all about?


Turns out that "sulfates" are aggressive cleaning chemicals, commonly used to clean car engines. And most shampoo's use it. Yes. That's right. You’re cleaning your hair with an ingredient used to clean cars. Hashtag fresh.

When I read the ingredients list on my shampoo bottles, I found out that ALL my shampoos contain sulfate. However ‒ silver lining ‒ my conditioner doesn't. If you read my June Edit, you’d know I’ve recently fallen in love with my Pureology conditioner. Pureology is created for coloured-hair. It's sulfate free, 100% vegan and all round amazing. (I have now ordered the shampoo.)

If you don't colour your hair but want to go sulfate free, try Eleven, Redken, Organix, Living Proof or Aveeno. Other big companies, such as L'Oreal, have also started releasing a sulfate-free range. 


Beauty Lesson #2: How to Create a Natural Face Mask at Home (Using Only 2 Ingredients!)


Step 1: Blend half a cut of oats (or however much you want) in the food processor.
Step 2: Add some Manuka honey.
Step 3: Mix them together.
Step 4: Apply to your face and leave for 10 mins.
Step 5: Wash off. 

Voila! You are the Face Mask Kween.

So what does this fabulous DIY face mask do for your skin?

Oats soften and moisturise the skin. They’re best known for containing antioxidants, being anti-inflammatory and are extremely beneficial for sensitive skin. Manuka honey promotes clear skin. It has natural antibacterial properties, and is a potent anti-inflammatory, meaning it soothes inflamed skin while treating blemishes.

This face mask is perfect for sensitive or acne-prone skin.


Beauty Lesson #3: How to Make Your Own Lip Scrub

I'm loving lip scrubs at the moment. Lip scrubs exfoliate your lips and remove chapped and dry dead skin. So unless you have the lips of a Greek Goddess, you're gonna wanna try this. (My lips are so dry and cracked that I welcome anything that makes me look less like a snake shedding it's outer layer.)

Jonathan Van Ness’ Lip Scrub


  1. Half a cup of coconut oil

  2. Two tablespoons of brown sugar

  3. A touch of honey

  4. Any essential oil that tickles your fancy


  1. Rub all over lips

  2. Wash off

Finished product: smooth, soft and supple lips.


Beauty Lesson #4: What To Do When Your Face is Puffy and Inflamed 


We've all been there. You wake up and it's puff-city. Turns out the solution is in our freezer: ice, ice baby!

Tom, from episode one *cue "aww! I love Tom*, has lupus and his face is red and inflamed. Jonathan instructs Tom to put some ice on it, and gives him a cooling eye mask. (Side note: Karamo also uses ice on his face each day.)

Whenever your skin is irritated, red, inflamed, or puffy, just pop some ice on it. 


Beauty Lesson #5: When You’re Red, Use Green Concealer


Again, another lesson we learnt during Tom’s episode. (Yes, I love Tom too.) Tom's face is very red, so Jonathan gives him a green concealer to dab on. 

I LOVE green concealer. I have a Maybelline one that I use whenever I'm red, have a rash or a large red pimple. 

Green evens out red (they're opposite each other on the colour wheel). You've probably noticed that when you use a regular skin-tone concealer on a pimple or red spot, the red often shows through. A green concealer will completely tone down the redness. 

It's magic. 


A final note: if you haven't watched the show I strongly, aggressively insist you do. It's shamazing. Plus it's on Netflix – the preferred way to watch television these days. (There is also a YouTube mini-episode of when the Fab 5 came to Australia – of course, they went to YASS.) 

I think you've got the point by now: try these beauty tips and watch Queer Eye if you haven't already.

I'm just gonna go ahead and end on this: