How to Create Hair Volume and Texture in a Minute

My hair can best be described as Shania Twain’s ‘Come On Over’ album cover, crossed with bed hair – despite whether I’ve been to bed or not – plus a few cowlicks. I have thin hair but lots of it, and no matter what my hair looks messy. So I’ve decided to just roll with the punches and instead of wishing for hair like Ariel’s (Disney really did a number on me there), I’ve decided to be a big girl and stop crying (as Fergie suggested), and fix the problem.


The answer: texture.

Texture is the answer to all your hair troubles, girl. Prepare for a #BelRant.

Texture creates volume, strength and grit which in turn equals big, fabulous, voluminous hair. (Think less Hermione Granger, more Carrie Bradshaw.) When it comes to holding waves or curls, giving flat morning-hair some life, or getting any kind of poof in your hair, people often opt for a hair spray. But that’s wrong! You’re often better off using a texturising product. Hair spray holds hair in place, while texture enables your hair to have more zhoosh and oomph. Plus, it takes less than a minute. All of the below products require minimal skill and even less time.

I’ve included a mousse, a spray and three texturising volume powders in this 5-to-try. If you don’t know what a texturising volume powder is, a) you’re about to lose your socks, and b) they’re powders that you sprinkle through dry hair, and work in with your fingers. They are uber strong, and create amazing grit, texture and volume. Honestly, it’s like magical fairy dust.

If you’ve never tried a texturising product, you’re about the see the light. If you have, but haven’t found any you love, you’re in for a real treat. And if you have tried it and you have found one you love, bloody share it with me! (Seriously, please.)

Top 5 products for creating texture coming at you:

1. Oribe Surfcomber Tousled Texture Mousse, $52


This has been on my ‘To Try’ list since before kale became cool. Most mousse’s weigh my hair down, making it look wet, heavy and crunchy (very just-got-caught-in-the-rain-esque – but not in the sexy ‘It’s Raining Men’ way).

My hair has a bit of a random half-wave to it ‒ it’s too lazy to have a full wave, but doesn’t want to be completely straight because that would be helpful. BUT this mousse seems to bring out all the waves in all the right places, while giving ample texture and volume.

I love it. I’m now an Oribe convert.

Texture type: mousse
Suitable for: naturally wavey or curly hair – hair that has some kind of movement to begin with, can be used in thin or thick hair (it’s strong).


2, L’Oreal Super Dust , $25.95


People, I can not stress enough how great volumising powders are. They are literally amazing. Literally because the definition of amazing (according to Google) is: very impressive; excellent. And this stuff is “very impressive; excellent”.

This is the first volumising powder I ever used, so you can say it was the start of my better hair journey. I normally apply it about 5cm from my roots, and then zhoosh it with my finger tips. It’s heavy duty, so use with care the first time you try it. It’s great for when you want to do an updo, or any kind of poof, but you’ve just washed your hair.
Freshly washed hair = all slippery and soft. Volume and texture powder = not anymore.

If my hair is super flat, I go to town and cover my hair in volume powder. It makes my hair look like it’s meant be full-of-life-messy, and not I’ve-given-up-on-life messy.

Texture type: powder
Suitable for: all hair types ‒ it will work on the thickest of hair


3. Beck Jane West Volumising Powder, $22


Haven’t heard of Beck Jane West? I hadn’t either until I joined the wonderful world of IG Beauty Blogging.

Beck Jane West is an Aussie hair label that are all about organic, natural, vegan friendly, no bad stuff (like sulfates, parabens etc) products. They are 100% Australian (developed, manufactured and packaged here) using all Australian sourced ingredients. And they make a killer volume powder with the greatest nozzle. Now a nozzle might not seem like such a big thing, but if you think that then you likely haven’t used a texture or volume powder without one.

You flip open the nozzle and can point it wherever you need that blessed volume. The Beck Jane West volume powder is one of my faves as it doesn’t make your hair as grimey, so you get fab second-day hair out of it.

Texture type: powder
Suitable for: all hair types – baby got grit


4. Puff Me Volumizing Cloud Mist, $19.95 + delivery


The name kinda says it all, but I’ll still say some stuff too. This is another volumising and texturising powder, and it comes with a spray top for easier application. However the difference is that it releases the powder in a ‘cloud-burst’, meaning it applies more evenly across an area, rather than to a direct spot. As a result, it’s ideal for root lift and texturising, as it doesn’t clump at the roots or make your hair look dry, or grimey.

It’s best used to spot-volumise flat areas on dry hair. You simply puff then fluff with your fingers.

I’m a big fan of Puff Me, however I warn you, it’s not as easily available in Australia. (Design.ME if you’re reading this, you should totally stock or ship to Australia more.)

Texture type: powder
Suitable for: all hair types ‒ works on fine, medium, coarse, straight or curly hair


5. The Ouai Texturising Hair Spray, $26 USD


The Ouai Texturising Hair Spray is a lot lighter than the other products. If you want a light zhooshing, this the Ouai to go. (That was a killer joke btw, as Ouai is pronounced ‘way.)

If you have thicker hair, this might not work as well, you probably need something heavier with more grit. But on my thin hair, it’s great. It’s light so you can spray it directly all over your hair without your hair looking wet, greasy, or freezing in time (kinda like Dolly Parton’s).

Texture type: hair spray
Suitable for: light texture on thin or fine hair

Isabel Sandercock-Brownhair