5 Must-follow Bookstagrammers

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’m into books. So, naturally, I follow book bloggers on Instagram. Ah, Instagram. I waste (or dedicate, depending on your way of thinking) hours, and hours on IG. But thanks to my willingness to waste said hours, I’ve found some of the best #bookstagrammers for you. So when you think about it, I spent my time to save yours. (You can send the thank you flowers to my home address – I like peonies.)

Here are 5 book bloggers you should totes #follow (after 5-to-try, of course):


1. Ela, @elathebookworm

I love her feed. Neutrals, naturals and never-ending books. @Elathebookworm also appears to spend a lot of time in bed, which makes me like her more.

Photo via    @elathebookworm

Photo via @elathebookworm


2. @thebibliotheque

Not only does she have a great feed, @thebibliotheque sticks it to those jerks who think certain genres are better than others. You know, those “I only read books that have been on the Paperbacks for Pompous Pigs list" people. What they need to realise is that you can read books from the Pompous Pigs list AND chick-lit. There is no 'trashy' when it comes to books, only what you like and what you don’t. So you read your Mills & Boon on the train to work tomorrow with pride! With any luck, we'll have more people reading erotica on the train to work.

Long story short – check out @thebibliotheque:


3. Stefie, @Stefiereads

@Stefiereads enjoys a lot of the same books as me, hence my liking her. That’s obviously bias, but that’s the whole damn point. Follow people who are going to recommend things you love! (Like a certain something-to-try…)

But even if you don't like the same books as @Stefiereads, I'm betting you'll love her beautiful feed:

Photo via @stefiereads

Photo via @stefiereads


4. Bex, @outoftheBex

Books and doughnuts – there is no better combo (except books and beauty). There is always variety with @outofthebex and I love how open and honest she is. Her captions and content are always detailed and full of helpful info, making her your ideal book blogger:

Photo via    @outofthebex

Photo via @outofthebex


5. Hayley Lim, @mylittlebooktique

@mylittlebooktique's is the Queen of Book Stacks. What I love most about @mylittlebooktique is that she reads the classics – I’m all about the old school classics. (If you’re wanting to branch out and read a few, read this).

No doubt you'll love the #bookstacks too:


Are there any bookstagrammers you'd recommend following? Let me know in the comments below!