Travel Checklist: The Beauty Products In My Carry-on


“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer” has to be the most accurate insta-quote ever. The only downside of travel is the physical traveling part – I’d take apparition over air travel any day. (If you don’t understand that, you have not read enough Harry Potter.)

I opt for comfort over aesthetic during transit (think Miranda in season 1 of Sex and the City). Particularly as I’m one of those people who experiences super fun like their feet swelling up so much they can’t wear shoes. Fun, eh? 

Compression stockings aside, you gotta pack the right beauty products in your carry-on. Products that are going to make you feel as fresh, clean and hydrated as being trapped in a confined space with lots of randoms for many hours can be. (If you fly Business Class or First Class, I hate you. Also, can we also please be friends? The kind of friends who buy each other airline tickets?)

These are the beauty products that are carry-on must-pack's for me:


1. Micellar Water
My PIck: Garnier micellar cleansing water


Micellar water is my new travel buddy. It’s an easy, simple, water-free way to feel fresh in a jiffy. And who doesn’t like to feel fresh in a jiffy? Answer: no one. 

The beauty of micellar water is that it gently cleans and hydrates, and you can do it while your in your seat. Squirt some on to a makeup removal pad and wipe. (Meaning you don’t have to wait in the 10-person tiny-bathroom line to wash your face.)

If you want to read more on micellar water, read the micellar water 5-to-try. 


2. Face Oil
My pick: Go-TO Face Hero


Airplanes are a one-stop-shop for dehydration. Feeling overly hydrated? Jump on an plane. It’ll zap it right out of you. 
I get more dehydrated during air travel than a Beyonce fan after a Beyonce concert (it’s a saying), so I keep an oil in my carry-on. Oils are super hydrating, but they also help lock moisture in the skin and create a protective barrier. This protective barrier stops, say, all the germs and bacteria flying around on the plane from getting in to your skin. 

Genius, yes? I’m telling you, ‘dem oils know where it’s at.


3. Body Moisturiser
My Pick: Aesop Rind Concentrate body balm

You cannot go on a plane for more than 2 hours without a moisturising product. Well, I certainly can’t. Hell, I don’t even go on a plane for 1 hour with moisturiser. I keep the travel kit Aesop Rind Body Balm in my carry-on as it smells like heaven, but it’s gentle and small – the perfect carry-on size. It's part of the Aesop Jet Set Travel Kit, and it comes with a cleanser, shampoo and conditioner. It's meant to be used after the shower, but I find it's good at any time. It always makes my skin feel hydrated but not sticky. 

Make sure whatever moisturising product you pack is gentle. You often can’t predict what kind of freak out your skin in going to have while in transit, so you want something that won’t further inflame or interrogate your skin. Leave the interrogation to Border Patrol. 


4. Lip Balm
My Pick: Go-To Lips

While we’re on the subject of skin-so-dry-I-resemble-a-snake: lips. Oh my word, you need a good lip balm when traveling. It has to be your most nourishing lip balm. 

I'm packing Go-To Lips. It never dries out or aggravates my smoochers, even when they're super cracked and dry. It's also multi-purpose – you can use it on your cuticles, elbows or knees if they're drying out. (You can likely do that with most natural, good quality lip balms. You can definitely do it with papaw.)


5. Face Mask
My Pick: Frank Body Glow Mask


Face masks are all the travel-rage at the moment, and for good reason. It's the quickest way to feel fresh and hydrated when you're anything but. I'm packing the Frank Body Glow Mask – it's one of my top 5 face masks (we only allow top 5’s here at 5-to-try). You could opt for a sheet mask, as you can use it in your seat and don't need water, but the Glow Mask is my mask of choice.

It’s easy to apply, only has to be on for 5 minutes and my skin feels so good after it. It’s an instant perk me up (that might be the coffee in it?), and it's 99% natural. Meaning it's so gentle that I can be sure my skin won’t have a meltdown (as mentioned, any kind of physical travel brings out surprising and unusual bodily function for me). Plus, Frank’s a great travel buddy. <3

This will be in my carry-on for a face mask quickie in Dubai. 

Is there any other must-pack carry-on items that you don’t travel without?