Must-try: 5 Easy Beauty Trends to Try

I want to stress that I’m not a makeup artist or professional. Reading that you’re probably thinking, “then why the heck should I listen to you?” I’ll tell you why ‒ because, like you, I’m just a girl who wants to look good and feel good. I want to make beauty and skincare easy to understand and use, so that you always feel like the 10 you are. 

And the current beauty trends are ones that I’m LOVING. They’re sweet and sexy, but they’re also super easy to inject into your daily routine. A few are actually blending together – as all good makeup does – making it even easier to execute. There's a focus on minimal makeup with a bold lip, accentuated blush, and barely-there colours. Most of all, there is a lean towards to au naturel look which I super, duper love. (I’m all about accentuating your natural beauty, not covering yourself up.) 

Here's 5 current trends and easy ways to try them (so easy that a novice such as myself can nail them):

1. Metallic

I’ve no doubt you’ve seen this in your insta-feed. Metallic lips, eyes, nails, even cheeks. It’s easy to try. Pick up a metallic crayon eyeliner (I use the Chanel Le Crayon Yeux) and substitute it for your top lid liner. Try hints at first, then when you’re feeling braver, go bolder and use a metallic eyeshadow over your whole lid. I love the Kimmy K blue metallic look in the gallery below. (I’m not there yet but I’m working towards it.)


2. Blush

I love blush. It shapes your face and creates such a feminine look. You can opt to keep it quite soft and natural, or go a little darker, or even experiment with peachy tones. I recommend starting high on your cheek bone (near your hairline) and traveling down in sweeping motions. (If you aren’t sure how to apply blush, check out this YouTube video by From Head to Toe — she makes it fool-proof.)


3. Au naturel look

Like I’ve said approximately 1932850495 times, I love the natural, minimal makeup look. I love it even more now that Margot Robbie has been sporting it on the red carpet and on the cover of Vogue (isn’t she a gem? Girl crushing hard over here). Find how to make it work for you.

For me it’s:

  • NARS Pure Radiance Tinted Moisturiser (that I apply with my beauty blender)
  • with my Bourjois Blush,
  • a great volume mascara (right now I’m obsessed with Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara) and
  • Benefit gimme brow (read more here on my 5 minute, natural makeup look).

Plus, once you've nailed this minimal make up look, your morning routine will be super simplified. You can spend all that extra time reading 5-to-try.  


4. Bold lips 

Often being paired with the above natural look is a bold red lip. It’s impossible not to feel strong and sexy with a red lip. But of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to red – try pinks, burgundies, browns. Trying a new lip colour is always a super simple way to experiment, as you can do your makeup as usual, and just apply a lip. (You could even try a metallic lip if you’re feeling crazy.)

But remember: eat your greens. Also, ALWAYS wear lip liner. This is the biggest mistake people make when it comes to lipstick. If your lipstick is smudging and running, have a long hard look at yourself in the mirror – and apply some lip liner. Even if you don’t have the right colour, it’s better the apply any lip liner than none at all.


5. Barely-there colours 

Don’t you think this look gives off serious flirty vibes? Hints of colour, softly implemented across eyes, cheeks and lips. It pairs so nicely with the blush and minimal makeup trend. This look was all over the recent runways and it's easy to try. Start with a colour you know works for you, but opt for it in a light, pastel tone. Alternatively you could mix or layer colours to create a paler hue. I love doing that with eyeshadow and lipsticks. With eyeshadow, I layer a deeper colour with white, or a neutral brown or beige (depending on what matches your skin tone). If you’re wanting to try a ‘barely there lip’, lightly dab on a coloured lip, then apply a neutral, tan, or beige over the top.