5 Books That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

We all know laughter is the best medicine for everything; sadness, unhappiness, boredom. etc. So no matter what feels you got going on, the below books will have you feeling cheery in no time. Filled with great characters, unusual plots and surprising twists, you'll be giggling to yourself like an A-grade loon. But who doesn't love to burst out in laughter on the bus and have everyone stare at them? Beats me.  

So get your free LOLs below! (Well, not free. You have the buy the books, unless you go to the library and in that case FREE LOLs!) 


1. Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine

by Gail Honeyman 

Words can’t express my pure delight when reading this book. Eleanor is frustrating, hilarious, embarrassing yet oddly charming all at once. As she navigates through some new relationships, we're reminded there is more to people than their large shopper bag. (You'll get that joke once you read it - and read it you should! IMMEDIATELY!) 


2. Where’d you go Bernadette? 

by Maria Semple

You know those fictional characters you want to be like? You know they're fictional and it's completely unrealistic BUT you wish you could be as fabulous as them. That's Bernadette for me. She's smart, witty, stylish and a menace. Her daughter, Bee, tells the story of her mother, Bernadette's, disappearance. It's a funny, light hearted read that will make you giggle.  





3. Rachel’s Holiday

by Marian Keyes

This book made me laugh out loud many times. Because who doesn't love a character in complete denial? Rachel's 'holiday' is actually about a trip to rehab. But Rachel Walsh lives in utter denial, and is hilarious in the process. Not to mention, the entire Walsh family is a barrel of laughs. Marian Keyes knows how to turn serious themes into LOLable stories. 



4. The Rosie Project

by Graeme Simsion

I wish I could read this for the first time again. The Rosie Project melts your heart while giving you the giggles. Despite his social awkwardness, Don Tillman is on the hunt for a wife so he launches 'The Wife Project'. However it's sidelined when he meets Rosie - a person opposite to him in every imaginable way - and agrees to help her find her Father. Graeme Simsion breaks down the stereotypes of aspergers and love, all in one hilarious book.


5. The Greatest Love Story of All Time

by Lucy Robinson  

Thirty-year-old Franny's unwilling quest for love is as hilarious and dramatic as she is. When her life falls to pieces, her determined friends badger her into going on 8 dates and the love story begins...

If you enjoy a bit of English humour, you'll love this story.