Websites with Content You'll Actually Want to Read

The beauty of having the wide world web at your fingertips is the information  – you can research anything and everything. Read product reviews before you spend a single one of your hard earned dollars. Find out what’s trends are in, what Olivia Palermo is wearing, and what happened at Fashion Week in real time. Source bargains (note: do not buy ANYTHING before Googling it to see if you can get it cheaper) or buy second-hand Chanel flats. (Yes, I recently bought some second hand Chanel flats and my word, they are divine.) You can get career advice, take courses or read about other women's struggles in life, career, parenting. Stories that make you feel a tiny bit less alone. Last night I researched the British Royal family tree for an hour (the #royalwedding has really impacted us all).  

But to do all that (minus the Royal family tree), you gotta know where to look. Because there is some hella good stuff out there, but there is a lot of a crap too. Luckily for you, I’ve read a lot of said junk. So instead of forcing you to wade through the internet, searching aimlessly, I thought I'd give you my top 5 favourite websites. I hope you find something you like too.

P.S. Let me know if there are any websites you’d recommend trying!


1. Career Girl Daily

Career Girl Daily (or CGD) cover all issues and topics affecting career girls, including maintaining a healthy work/life balance, looking after your mental health, getting ahead at work, books, and fashion. If you're a blogger – or hoping to be one – they have a lot of great content tailored to you, including their book 'The Ultimate Blog Plan' which you can buy via their site. 


I'm a big fan of whowhatwear. I used to read the American site before they launched the Aussie one. They provide practical wardrobe advice, including how to implement the latest trends and guidance on determining your own personal style – it's a fashion treasure trove. 


MyDomaine is whowhatwear's Australian lifestyle sister. MyDomaine cover everything from book clubs, relationships, how to get on top of your finances to re-decorating your home. They're one of my favourite sites as they always have practical tips and ticks that you can actually use. 


The Everygirl is an American site, so the season will always be off for all you Aussie girls, but they cover everything all in one place. They have great content that will help you launch a website, pack lightly next time you travel or inspire you to try something new. They've also just launched 'The Everymom' for all you mumma's out there. 


When I lived in London, I would go the long route home just so I could pick up my free copy of Stylist at the tube station on Tuesday night. (They were distributed on Wednesdays at all stations but Tuesday nights at a select few.) That's how good Stylist is – even in winter, I'd go the long route home.

While sadly we can't get the print version here in Oz as it's a UK only publication, we can access the online version. It's great for women of all ages and has great columns, thought-provoking discussion pieces and is relevant to a time-poor audience.  

What's your favourite type of content to read?