How to Set Goals for the Rest of the Year (that You’ll Actually Achieve)


We're powering at Usain Bolt speed towards the middle of the year. Meaning: you should be halfway through your goals (eep!) UNLESS you run your life according to the financial year, in that case you’re about to start a fresh new year (happy EOFYs to you!)

Regardless of how your calendar year runs, it’s a great time to reset and ensure you’re on track so that you don’t wake up on December 1 panicking because it’s the last month of the year and you’re no closer to knitting that poncho (soz Mum.)

Solution? I’d recommend doing a half year review with yourself. Are you where you wanted to be? If not, what’s stopping you? What are you struggling with at the moment? What goals are seeming unattainable and unmanageable?

Now, the reason I mention ‘unattainable’ and ‘unmanageable’ is that I have been the perpetrator of Unrealistic Goal Setting. I’ve set huge, ginormous goals that freak me out and actually stop me doing anything (I wasted 2016 this way). Setting and managing goals is a bit of an art, particularly setting achievable goals that inspire you to work hard and get them done.

So I thought I’d try help (that's the kind of gal I am). Think of July 1 is an opportunity to reset, reflect or simply start again BUT you should read this 5-to-try of goal setting articles first:


1. read Mark Manson's: Your Life Goals are Overrated 

If you’re struggling to put your goals into action, read this. It’s a brilliant article where Manson rejects goals, and focuses on habits (habits are like little daily goals that are easy to achieve and celebrate! Champagne every day – yay!) 

For example:

You want to be a blogger.

So, you write down your goal: ‘start a blog'. Great! Now what? 

INSTEAD, Manson suggests, it would be better to create a habit: ‘I will write every day and post on my blog two times a week’

You can easily track, manage and measure whether you write every day and post two times per week. Essentially you'll either succeed or fail on a weekly basis. To actually get the blog set up, you can create an action plan, but your goal-turned-habit should be something actionable that works towards the bigger picture of what you're trying to achieve (e.g. be a blogger / writer, etc).

Another example:

You want to lose weight so you set your goal as ‘eat healthier’

How do you manage or measure that? What’s ‘healthier’? Instead, you can aim to ‘eat 5 servings of vegetables a day.’ It’s working towards the same thing but turning it into a daily habit that you achieve, rather than some big scary goal.   


2. read MiGoals': How to Set Goals

I heart MiGoals big time. I have their goals diary and I love it. It’s helps keeps me on track and focuses not just on setting goals, but achieving them and *drum roll* creating good habits (see? habits are vital).

The MiGoals team are pros at goal setting (hence the GOALS in their name!) and I particularly recommend reading this blog post if you’ve never set life goals before. They help you work through how to even set a goal. 

For instance, sometimes you know what you want to achieve (e.g. to buy a house) but you’re not sure how that actually translate into goals, habits and actions (particularly if you live in Sydney… :s).

MiGoals take you through the goal setting process step by step, so you can set goals and actions that will help you build the life you want.

Quick tip: it's vital to write your goals down on paper.


3. read Career Girl Daily's: Setting SMART goals

This CGD article will show you how to set SMART goals. SMART stands for:


All the elements of good goal setting. You may have heard of it before? However working out how to apply it to your own goals can be a bit tricky. CGD will teach you how to break down your goals into smart (ha!) manageable chunks so that you’re making progress and not just spinning your wheels like Roadrunner


4. read MyDomaine's: How to Perform a Half Yearly Review

As mentioned earlier, I highly recommend this. 

In my half yearly review I’m going to need to address:

  1. Why I’ve stopped going to yoga (I miss it but I was sick last year and am nervous about going back)
  2. My time management (no matter what I still seem to be editing my blogs right before I post them #perfectionismisunattainable)
  3. Why am I behind on my savings goal?

Then to ensure that I get back on track, I'll tweak my goals and habits for the rest of the year. 


5. And if you don’t mind me repeating Mark Manson again, read: Do Something

If you’re still struggling to start and are stuck treading water like a short person in the deep end (me), read this. All it takes is a tiny bit of action (such as clicking on this link!)


And finally, remember: you got this.