Travel Checklist: 5 Beauty Essentials I Always Pack


Oh boy, do I love traveling. Yes sir, I do. The thought of a booked holiday can keep me going for months

I start packing my bag at least a month out, if not sooner (I’m not kidding – just ask my boyfriend about the state of our living room right now), and I start planning what I’m going to pack waaaaayyy before that. I like to ensure I have the right things with me: 10/10 outfits, the right products, an ideal amount of shoes, you know, things that are going to make me feel fab. Plus, as someone who forgets things easily, packing early is a self-imposed parameter to ensure I'm not the goose on the plane who realises she forgot to pack her undies. (I have been that goose before and it's not fun.)

I aim to pack as lightly as possible and let’s just say it's been a “learning curve”. I’m getting better every time (I now don’t take things “just in case” – my new motto is: if I need it and don’t have it, buy it.) But if there is one thing I DO have down-pat, it’s what to travel with beauty-wise.  

In the lead up to my trip to Italy, I'll be doing 5-to-try Travel Checklists, covering my must-pack products, makeup, carry-on items and holidays reads. Starting with today's must-pack beauty essentials. 


1. Oribe Surfcomber Tousled Texture Mousse


This is the perfect product for when you don’t have time to muck about with the ol’ hair dryer / straightener / wand / curler / heated device, etc. You simply scrunch and go. (‘Scrunch and Go’ is the new ‘Bend and Snap’.)

I love how much texture and volume this mousse gives. And despite being a mousse, it doesn’t leave your hair looking like it’s moussed, if you know what I mean. None of that crunchy-but-wet look – just tousled-summer-goddess hair. 


2. Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs


If you didn’t know, I’m a pasty gal. My skin has been compared to Casper The Ghost and fresh white linen. Which makes me a big fat lover of fake tan. However, I’m not a lover of fake tan before summer-based holidays as I swim A LOT. Swimming = streaky fake tan. At the same time, there are those insta-worthy occasions when I want to look like I have a natural-looking golden glow. The answer: Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs. (HA to the idea of actually getting a natural-looking golden glow naturally.)

I ALWAYS travel with airbrush legs. It’s honestly amazing and as long as your skin is moisturised, it's impossible to not come out the other side with an A+ tan. 

To apply:
Step 1: After a shower, you moisturise (like PROPERLY moisturise, you want that skin hydrated and smooth).
Step 2: Then you spray airbrush wherever you want that I’m-on-vacay-baby look (it says legs, but I use it all over).
Step 3: Rub it in really well so it’s nice and even. 
Step 4: Wash your hands with soap. 
Step 5: Wait 10-15 minutes or so, and done! You are now a bronzed goddess.

It looks natural, plus it’s quick and easy to do. Then, when you want it gone, simply wash it off with soap. (Soap necessary as it’s water resistant.)


3. Mecca Cosmetica To Save Face Sunscreen


Sunscreen is a yes-yes at all times, no matter where you are or the time of year. If you want to avoid wrinkle-city (and skin cancer), you need to protect your skin from sun-damage as much as possible. (I love the sun, but we have to be real: it does do a lot of irreparable damage.) 

This is my new pounding the pavement sunscreen. It’s a recent addition to the team, but I love it. It’s lightweight, gentle, perfect for sensitive skin and can easily go under makeup (subs in for primer). 


4. Go-To Exceptionoil


My skin is a sucker for going dry when there is travel/airplanes/sun/wind/lots of shaving legs involved.

Go-To Exceptionoil is the ideal skin-hydrating travel buddy. It’s gentle (so gentle that you can put it on right after shaving!), its hydrating, it helps protect your skin, plus you can use it anywhere.  

Honestly, they don’t call it Exceptionoil for nothing. And I don’t call it ‘must-pack-when-traveling oil’ for nothing, either.


5. Invisible Zinc Tinted Daywear Zinc


This is my beach sunscreen. My nose is VERY easily sunburnt. I spent most of the summer of 2001 looking like Rudolph. (Now THERE’S a joke that gets old fast.) 

I need something heavy-duty but that doesn’t make me look like a Surf Life Guard who just discovered blue zinc. Invisible Zinc does all those things. I love the tinted zinc as it doubles as a base product and doesn’t make my already Casper-like complexion worse.

It’s thick. It’s protecting. I do not go on holidays without it.