September Edit: Worth the Space in my Suitcase


If you’ve read my recent travel 5-to-tries or follow me on Instagram you’ll know I spent September stuffing myself with pasta in Italy. (Ahh, the memories.) I mention this not to boast about how brilliant my Euro vacay was (well, it’s not entirely just to boast), but to explain why I the products I used this month were limited. But as they say, quality over quantity. Also, floss regularly.

When you’re traveling, out of routine, carrying everything with you and wearing minimal makeup with a simplified skincare routine, it highlights which products you really love, and which products put in the hard yards for you.

These are the 5 products that were worth the space in my suitcase during September.



So lightweight! So sheer! So hydrating! So sun-protecting!

I’ve never met a face sunscreen like this. While it isn’t strong enough to cover my nose at the beach (there was a blister situation back in 2001, my nose never recovered and now it’s a zinc minimum), it is perfect as an everyday sunscreen. It has quite literally become my everyday sunscreen.


2. Oribe Tousled Surfcomber 


This is officially my ‘Beachy Hair Product’. (There’s an award ceremony every year – it’s stiff competition but every product is just honoured to be nominated.)

After I’ve washed my hair, I scrunch it with this mousse. I then either leave it to dry or if I want extra waves, I scrunch it and clip it, or I twist it into a bun for 10-15 minutes. It holds for dayyyys. (I proved that from September 10th - 14th.)


3. Us By David Nicholls

Have you read One Day? Of course, you have. (If you haven’t – you better get on that, girl.)

Us is by the same author, David Nicholls, although a completely different story (obviously, it’d be a bit boring if both books were the same).

Scientist Douglas Peterson is a logical, rule-abiding citizen, while his wife and son are a of a more creative breed. It’s bred a bit of animosity in their family home, but Douglas organises a special holiday for the family as a last-ditched attempt to keep them together. Douglas is funny in a I-don’t-mean-to-be-funny way, making this book an easy, light-hearted read that will make you giggle.


4. BENEFIT Dandelion Blush

I bought a dandelion mini when our luggage went walkabout somewhere between Milan and London. (A tiny part of me is glad it did as it justified my being able to buy a coupla new things.)

The dandelion shade is molto bene! (That’s Italian for very good – I’m cultured like that now).

It’s a nice light, soft, and natural looking shade – ideal every day blush.


5. Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter


Now I’m not going to say I bought this because you can wear it 5 ways, but… well, it seems to fit doesn’t it?

This product is the ultimate natural glow product. You can:

  1. Use it under your foundation or base product

  2. Mix it with your foundation

  3. Highlight with it: apply it along the top of your cheekbones, down your nose or on other areas you want to highlight

  4. Wear it all over your face on it’s own

  5. Apply on top on your foundation

I’m still trying all the ways, but so far I’ve been FLAWED with the results. (Geddit?!)