5 Things You Probably Didn't Know You Should Be Doing

When it comes to beauty we often do things the way we’ve "always done it". Meaning the way we guessed it should be done, or the way someone showed us to do it when we were 13 years old and became overly-conscious of our appearance. You know, when you realised naturally clear skin was no longer an option? It was all pesky pimples and unexplained breakouts. But if your beauty approach is still "it's the way I’ve always done it", it's likely not the best or most efficient way.

For instance, recently one of my girlfriends mocked me for telling her to shampoo twice before conditioning. Oh how she laughed! Alas, two days later said friend texted me to say I was a genius. Well, obvs.

But after that, I realised there might be a coupla more ladies out there who need to be shown the light. So, here are 5 things you probably didn’t know you should be doing – they're simple, but they're game-changers.


1. Using oil errrywhere

Oils have a bit of a bad rep (i.e. no-one longs for oily skin), but you shouldn’t judge all oils, based on one or two bad oils. Like fats ‒ and people ‒ there are good and bad. Good oils include: Moroccan, rosehip, coconut, Argan, jojoba oil and nut oils.

If you’re part of the IG skincare community, you’ll see everyone banging on about face oil. And that’s because (good) oils are amazing. They hydrate, soothe and strengthen your skin and hair. Moroccan and other types of hair oils have become common, but you shouldn’t stop there. You should put oil errywhere! (Poet, and I know it.) Using face and body oil will lead to strong, glowing, happy skin. And we all know how important it is to keep your skin happy. Happy skin, big win. No matter your skin type ‒ dry, oily, combination, annoying ‒ oils are essential. ESPECIALLY if you have annoying skin. It's likely annoyed because you aren't using oil.

My recommendation: Go-To Face Hero for your face, Kerastace Elixir Ultime Oil for your hair, and Go-To Exceptionoil or Coconut Oil for your body


2. Shampooing twice

Why do you think hairdressers wash your hair twice? BECAUSE THAT’S THE WAY YOU WASH HAIR. The first wash breaks up the dirt and grease, the second wash takes it away. If you wash your hair every day ‒ which you should stop BTW, because you’re missing out on ‘second day hair’ ‒ you probably don’t need to. But if you’re an every second or third-day washer, you should definitely shampoo twice. (If you’re a once a week washer then I INSIST you shampoo twice.)

Even if you think it’s a load of bull, just try it. You’ll thank me. You’ll be so thankful you’ll likely crown me ‘Queen of Hair Hacks’. But the power will go to my head. One thing will lead to another and I’ll be all, ‘let them eat cake!’ Then there will be a revolution, I’ll be overthrown, beheaded, etc. They’ll keep my head though, as my hair will be so shiny and clean after shampooing twice that morning that they’ll probably use it for extensions. Anyway, try it ‒ the political unrest is worth you having amazingly clean hair.


3. Putting a serum / moisturiser / oil on before your makeup

Remember makeup looks better if the skin underneath it is healthy and glowing. Also remember to buy some milk. But to the point; it should always be skin first, makeup second ‒ even when applying makeup. If you’ve ever had your makeup done professionally, you'll know they apply a moisture product prior to get rid of any dryness, and create a glowy, even base. I put a dab of face oil on before applying makeup, particularly on the places I’m really dry (around my mouth, on my chin and in my eyebrows ‒ weird, I know). If you focus on good skincare, you won’t need a lot of makeup ‒ even when applying.


4. Doing your eye makeup before your foundation

I’ve mentioned this before I’m mentioning it again because it changed my life. No more trying to flick off eyeshadow without ruining my foundation! No more patchwork concealer! No more binge watching Netflix! Just kidding, by doing your makeup first you save time and can actually watch MORE Netflix.

But honestly, do your eye makeup first (but after you’ve moisturised – see point 3) and then apply foundation, bronzer, blush etc. It will change your life ‒ and your makeup.


5. Skipping your morning face wash

You know how I was banging on about oils 4 points ago? Well, while you sleep, your skin also produces its own natural protective oils and does its own repair work. Sleep time = skin maintenance time. And as you aren't exposed to pollution, dirt, or yucky stuff while you sleep, there isn't a need to wash your face. If you wash your face right after you’ve woken up, you’re actually stripping your skin cells hard work. And they worked the night shift so I’m sure you can imagine what a drag that must be! Plus, you’re also stripping all the good stuff you put on your face before you went to bed.

As long as you washed your face properly before you went to bed – and I mean PROPERLY – when you wake up, you don't need to wash your face.**

There are a two asterisks to this: 

*If you work out or exercise in the morning, that is a different story. You should definitely wash your face. But if you’re a jump out of bed, get ready person, its likely you don’t need to wash your face.

*The second asterisk is for people with excessively oily or acne-prone skin. If that’s you, your skin probably benefits from a wash first thing as it kills bacteria and removes excess oil.

If neither of the asterisks are you, I’d definitely recommend trying it. BUT always find what works for you. Only you know how to do you.

Tip: if you’re not very good at washing your face properly, try Go-To Properly Clean face wash. Again, trust a sister. (No revolution necessary.)