5 Things I'm Going To Try Do This Year

Now, I know I’ve had quite a few #InstaRants re goals and the New Year… BUT it’s just such a good time to recharge, re-examine and reset! (If you haven’t read my rants, you definitely should – they’re delightful, if not repetitive.)

I’m not into the '“New Year, New You” mantra (I am into the “New Year, New Shoes” mantra – love ‘dem sales), however I am big believer in setting goals and building good habits. Of course, you can set goals and build good habits at anytime, but the start of the year is always an easy and clean way to go about it. (Side note: if you’re interested in learning more about building good habits, you should definitely read Better Than Before ).

I’m ready and raring to go as I’ve just finished setting my goals in my MiGoals Goal Planner (honestly BEST thing ever – do yourself a favour and buy one), and I thought for my first 5-TO-TRY in 2019, I’d write about 5 things I’m trying to do this year. Some are goals I’ve mapped out, but most are things I want to be better at. (Remember goals are just as much about who you want to be, as what you want to do – deep, I know.)

1. Write every. single. day (even if it’s rubbish)

I want to write every day this year – yes, EVERY day. I bought a A0 wall calendar from An Organised Life (you can see it below) and I plan on crossing off every single day with a red X to show I’ve written something that day. It won’t be Pulitzer prize winning each day (just 90% of the time), but it will make me a better writer.

When Jerry Seinfeld was first starting out in comedy and learning the jokes of the trade, he apparently wrote a new joke every day and crossed it off on a calendar for over a year. He’s mildly successful, so it must be a good strategy.

(Yes, I’ve already made a little boo-boo in April. Devo.)

(Yes, I’ve already made a little boo-boo in April. Devo.)

After all, motivation is what gets you started – habit is what keeps you going. Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out. How we spend our days is in fact how we spend our lives. Practise makes perfect. [Insert any other cliché re doing something regularly to enhance your performance.]


2. Start a 5-TO-TRY YouTube (please don’t laugh)

I’ve wanted to start a YouTube channel for a little while now. I’ve even done a YouTube strategy course! (Yes, I know I’m a loser.) However I always have an excuse not to actually get it done (e.g. have to wash my hair, what I’ve done isn’t good enough, no one will watch it, MUST binge watch The Last Kingdom six times to ensure I’m memorised the script, etc).

But this year, I’m biting the bullet and doing it! (Please watch when I do! Seriously, please.)

Stay tuned.

See? I’ve even started trying.

See? I’ve even started trying.


3. Think about my resources – outputs and inputs

This is HUGE for me.

This is HUGE for me.

This includes:

  • Reducing waste (no more plastic water battles or those new terrible Coles/Woollies/Aldi bags that cost 15 cents and are just a new form of plastic that’ll end up in the ocean)

  • Recycling more (buy items that can be recycled)

  • Saving money (actively saving as much as possible, not just buying stuff for the sake of it, guarding my money and having a clear plan for it)

  • Going to the library more, and only buying the books I want to keep forever

  • Thinking carefully about what I bring into our home

  • Using up what I have, before buying something new (guilty)

I just finished my bi-annual clean out where I go through EVERYTHING Marie Kondo-styles, with the goal of only keeping things I love and need. Our place is spick and span now, and I’ve decided I want to be very aware of my possessions, what I waste, what I bring into my home, and how I spend my money.

Not just to save money, although that is one of my goals, but to ensure I’m not just accumulating stuff for the sake of it. (Just a note that shoes and face masks don’t count.) I love the ocean. Hell, I love this planet! And the best way to show that love is to help reduce waste and recycle.

Speaking of saving money, that’s going to be big this year. I’m going to be conscious of my money and focus on saving (my own personal resources). I’m thinking I might do a 5-TO-TRY on help budgeting and financing resources – what do you think!?


4. If I think something nice, say it

You know when you’re out, you’ve had a few rosés and you go to the bathroom. Something happens – you tell the girl next to you that you like her dress or her mascara (me), she asks you for a tampon, or you complain about the line – and suddenly your BFF4Ls. You’re laughing, complimenting each other and sometimes you even decide to meet up for breakfast the next day – we’ve all been there. Well, I think we should always be drunk-girl-in-the-bathrooom nice. (But not always drunk – not cool.)

Your words, your kindness, can have a profound effect on someone. Someone could be having a rubbish day, feeling really poop about themselves, and you could say “cute top” and it could change the course of their day ‒ nay, their entire lives. Well, likely not, but it will make them feel good about themselves for at least a minute. And isn’t that the kind of positivity you want in the world?

It sure is!

So this year, I if I think something nice about someone – anywhere, anytime – I’m going to say it. Starting now:

You’re a 10. I know this, because you’re reading this blog post.

(It’s true.)


5. Be kinder to myself

One of my favourite quotes is “don’t let your worst enemy live between your two ears”. As women, we have a tendency to be ridiculously and outrageously self critical. I’m absolutely horrid to myself sometimes – Regina George on steroids.

This year I’m working on really liking myself, and one of the ways I’m going to do that is by being kinder. I’m a hard worker, I’m loyal, I’m friendly and I always try to do my best ‒ I should focus on that more, rather than all the things I don’t get right.

Photo via  WeHeartIt

Photo via WeHeartIt

Let me know if there is anything you’re going to try do this year!