5 Things To Try With Why Hello Beauty

I'm Emily of Why Hello Beauty, and I'm thrilled that Bel asked me to share my 5-TO-TRY with you. But first just let me introduce myself; I'm the creator of Australian beauty blog Why Hello Beaty, which was originally created just so I had an excuse to buy so many makeup and skincare products – it was for the blog!

Now let's get into it, and of course come and say hi on Instagram sometime...

1. Charlotte Tilbury's English Beauty lipstick

The most beautiful of pink shades, without being bubblegum-pink or too cool for my fair skin. Intensly creamy and hydrating, with the most beautiful of luxury gold packaging.

2. Charlotte Tilbury's Hollywood Contour Wand

Hand on heart, THE best contour of my life and I've tried every liquid, cream and powder out there!

3. The Newsette

Imagine having a newspaper and magazine combined every morning, sitting in your inbox waiting to be enjoyed over a coffee.. it's a reality with Daniella and The Newsette team.

4. Beachy Brows

If you're a fan of brushed up bushy brows, you need this soap and styling brush in yo' life! *Available in clear and tinted versions.

5. The High Low Podcast, or Second Life

Just two of my favourite podcasts for that extra pep of motivation or inspiration. You have probably heard of Dolly Alderton, or Pandora Sykes or Hillary Kerr or their multitude of amazing guests!

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