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I am so excited for this opportunity to collaborate with Bel from 5-to-try as she is AMAZING!

Today I am sharing my five favourite lip care items – one overnight treatment, one tinted SPF, one lip scrub, one lip oil/gloss and one heavy duty lip balm – including why I love each item and what ingredients make them so effective.



This is a very new product for Kiehl’s and was released in Australia at the end of 2018. Buttermask is an extremely versatile yet hydrating lip mask that can we used overnight. It combines both coconut oil and wild mango butter to leave your lips feeling nourished but without feeling heavy or sticky as some overnight treatments do. What I love most it that a little goes a long way so the item is lasting me forever – great value for money.

PS:  I sometimes use it in the mornings before an event so that the other lip products I place over the top are not going to dry out my lips or make them look cracked throughout the day. It creates a really healthy barrier for items such as lipstick and lip gloss.


Lanolips is an Australian brand that uses natural lanolin as the main ingredient in all of their collection. Lanolin is the most skin compatible ingredient around and also holds its weight in moisture very well. That is why I know that when I need sun protection and a cute lip tint I can rely on this reliable collection to help me out. The consistency is nice and smooth but I find to make sure I have enough SPF and a longer lasting colour tint, I place on more than a normal lip balm.

PS:  Pictured is the nude SPF30 from Lanolips but it is also available in Rhubarb and Rose as well. If like me you want all three, make sure to keep an eye in Mecca stores for the 3 pack.


If you haven’t tested one of Lush’s Lip Scrubs in store, get out to a store NOW! These beauty bargains are absolutely amazing as they remove the dead skin cells from your lips in a gentle manner but by using very limited ingredients.

I currently have the chocolate sugar scrub which has 10 ingredients: caster sugar, organic jojoba oil, dark chocolate, cocoa powder, tangerine oil, sweet orange oil and vanilla. They feel very lightweight on the lips and the sugar moves around very easily, but just to make sure I always scrub over a sink.

PS: The flavours do change frequently so just be aware. In Australia at the moment (according to their website) they have Mint Julips, Bubblegum and Honey.


I use so many lip products so finishing them is quite rare, however I have replaced my Honey Lip Oil from Clarins 3 times! I am obsessed with this stuff as it leaves your lips looking so healthy yet really glossy at the same time. The other reason I like it is how long it lasts. You can find when eating and drinking you have to re apply lip glosses quite frequently but this one lasts longer than most. The best part is: it is actually a lip oil so it is infused with plant oils to help maintain great hydration as well as making you look super stylish at the same time. Honey is yellow in the container but clear on the lips, my next purchase from their expanding range is Honey Glam that has specs through it.

PS: Be careful if you have your hair out and it is super sticky but I feel it is really worth it for the payoff it gives.


Hemp Lip Balm from The Body Shop is just heavenly. This is jam packed with hemp seed oil that like most lip balms will hydrate, soothe the lips which I love for my dry and cracked lips and more importantly the “heavy duty” elements is that it provides protection from environmental factors. I actually don’t know what I would do without this as a stand alone lip balm or as a barrier underneath my lipsticks and lip glosses everyday. The best part is that you can feel and see the effects when used on a regular basis as it has long term results for the condition for your lips, you truly notice a difference.

PS: It gets even better as The Body Shop have a whole Hemp range and it happens to be their most hydrating in store. It has products for your feet, face and body as well. Their best selling product is the Hemp Hand Protector and they sell one of them every 9 seconds globally.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and learnt about a product you are now excited to go out and test yourself. I have a 3 step process that I mention to my followers when it comes to lips which is: hydrate, tint and gloss. Make sure to layer your lip products – hydrate first as that item is closest to the lips, then tint with a cute colour and finish with a gloss over the top.

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