5 Quotes To Live By


I have a section on the homepage that’s called ‘quote of the week’. It’s at the bottom, and probably no one even notices I update it each week, but I do, because quotes inspire me. There’s something about words that correctly identify exactly what I’m feeling – it just makes me feel better.

I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed and a bit overloaded at the moment (all my own fault so don’t feel sorry for me – I haven’t quite nailed the whole ‘freelance time management’ piece yet. I think I have 100 hours a week, not 38). So I’m inspiring and motivating myself, and I thought ‘who knows? Maybe this is what you need to hear right now too.’

I once heard beauty journalist Leigh Campbell say, “someone’s wounds are the shape of your words.” So just in case that’s applicable here, I’d thought I’d share the 5 quotes that always inspire me. Hopefully they inspire you, and help lift you out of whatever funk you’re in. (Unless you’re in the good kind of funk – i.e. Funky Town circa 1985, in that case, stay there!)

1. Nelson Mandela


2. Banksy


3. Beyoncé


4. Laird Hamilton


5. Denis Waitley