One Year Anniversary: Thank You

It’s been exactly one year since I set this blog live.

I started this blog because I love to write. (I love it so much that I get up at 5am every day to write before I do anything else — except coffee. I 110% make coffee first.) (Also I don’t just get up at 5am because of the number 5…) I have so many thoughts and opinions that I need to get them out on paper. (Deep thoughts like: how do they flavour Doritos? Do they do it per chip or inside the bag?) So after I read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert — which left me: 🤯 btw, I recommend it to anyone minutely creative — I gave myself a kick in the skirt, and decided to stop worrying about getting it perfect and instead just start. If worst came to worst, at least my mum would read it.

The next thing I did was watch a video by a blogger who said blog about something you already give people advice on. That made it easy: beauty and books. I picked the name 5-TO-TRY because when I worked in magazines, the Beauty Editor let me write her weekly beauty 5-to-try — happy memories. Plus, listicles are fun and I bloody love trying new things. Little did I know there was such an AMAZING #beautycommunity on Instagram (love you guys!), but I learnt that VERY quickly.

My blog isn’t perfect, there’s still a long way to go, and most of the stuff I write isn’t quite Walkley-worthy, but I love it and it makes me Pharrell Williams-style happy.

I write not for likes (although I love the likes — keep ‘em coming). I write because I love it, because I want to share my thoughts, put them down on paper, tell a story, encourage someone to think differently, and maybe even help someone. But above all that, I hope that my words make other women feel good. I want women to feel like they’re enough, to feel valued and if I’m really aiming for the stars, I hope my words make them (you) laugh. Or at least crack a smile.

So thanks for reading for the past 12 months. Despite being a writer, I don’t think I can put into words how much it’s meant to me — every like, every message, every comment, every compliment, every piece of support. I treasure them all. You made me feel like I was enough ❤️